Kennedy Lazar

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About me: I'm currently working towards a bachelor's degree in Biology and English. I have always had a passion for videos and writing, and have always found myself working on new projects, even if I never share them with anyone. My two obsessions would have to be traveling and dogs. I swear I can't walk past a dog without getting excited, and I will always find a way to travel. I can't turn down a good offer for a trip.

About my website: I created this website in hopes of keeping track of all of my projects. I collaborate with many sites, including FlockU and Racked. I also create video pieces, and on occasion sell b-roll footage and create videos for clients. The wonderful Tyrus is behind a lot of the photography of this website as well.


What kind of videos do you create?

I typically create travel based videos, yearly videos, or seasonal videos. Basically, anytime I have enough footage to put together a fun video. It's more for my memories, than for anything else. On occasion I will create a video for a client, such as events, anniversaries, etc. Those will either have footage obtained from the client or from the event itself. 

What websites do you currently write for?

I currently am a contributor to a college-based website called FlockU, and I post there frequently. I also do feature pieces for Racked, a Vox Media website. 

What type of articles do you write?

I write about anything. I have written news articles, fashion pieces, and anything college related. I typically do freelance pieces, which will mostly be based on what website I am writing for, and what pitches they request. I adapt my writing to the business I am working for.

What camera do you use?

I currently use the Canon T5, and mostly use it with a 18-50mm lens. Although I have recently started to use the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 and it has been amazing! I also use the FujiFilm Instax 70 for all of my polaroid photos, and I LOVE it.