Bars and Bodysuits (x Joah Brown)

Does anyone else stand in front of cool looking bars and take pictures of their outfit or is that just me? Putting this outfit together, I knew exactly where I wanted to take it. I felt like the only place that would really work would be a bar, because where else would you wear a badass outfit like this? 

Joah Brown Bodysuit and Billabong Denim Boyfriend Jeans

top: This bodysuit is by Joah Brown, and they have some of the best basics. They remind me of a higher end Brandy Melville, which is never a bad thing, especially because they actually have sizes. I love the mesh cutouts on the side of this bodysuit, it spices it up a little bit. 

bottoms: My favorite pair of denim. Hands down. I love the high-waist and relaxed leg paired with a tight top. 

belt: I snagged this belt from Siren and Muse and it is a new favorite. The only thing I hate about it is putting through the belt loops. Not. Fun. Other than that, I can't get enough of it, and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments and people are so fascinated about how it works, lol. 

Back to life, I've been working on lots of new projects, and am preparing a brand spotlight series, and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Until then, I'd love to keep up with all of you on Instagram, as I'm always posting there! 

Joah Brown Bodysuit and Billabong Denim Jeans
Lovestrength belt