Going Back To Cali Cali

I'm huge on traveling, HUGE. And with Spring Break approaching, I knew I had to go somewhere. So, a bunch of my friends got together and decided to rent out a house in Long Beach, California for a week in order to celebrate our one (and only) week off before we endured the second half of the semester, and eventually finals.

We found a place in a great location, only a few miles away from Huntington and a quick drive to Newport, and got the place extremely cheap. With 9 of us going, we each paid about $250 total, for 7 nights. It was a steal, and I was stoked. Basically, if you can stay in a cheap place that is a short drive to amazing beaches, TAKE IT!

We drove down to Vegas on Saturday to spend the night at my grandma's house before making our way to California on Sunday. We decided to head to my grandma's later and spend some time on the strip first. We parked in a hotel self-parking lot and somehow ended up leaving out of the side door, into an alley. The best part about leaving through the side door is the door locks when it shuts, so you can't get back in that way. We didn't realize this until heading back to the car around 12 pm. When we walked back through the sketchy alley we realized that the door was locked, and we had no idea what hotel we parked in, or how we could get back to our car. Well, leave it to two guys to have the brilliant idea to climb up the fence and jump over the ledge onto the 2nd floor of the parking garage to open the door for us. This sounded like a great idea until we realized that these were two different parking garages, and there was a reason that they had the fence covered so you couldn't see through it. This was where people who lived at the hotel parked their cars. You can imagine the type of cars parked here, we're talking G-Wagons, Rolls Royces, you name it, and it was parked there. Well, these two idiots had already hopped the fence when we realized this, and they were inside this parking lot. Turns out, the keys are sitting in unlocked key boxes, just waiting to be taken for a joy ride by any 18-year-old boy who can hop a fence. I would have to say that I am grateful for the mother's of these boys because they didn't take these cars for joy rides, and instead were met with a security guard who was (probably) trying to figure out how the hell these boys got into this parking lot. They were eventually escorted to the other parking lot, where us regular people parked our Subaru, and we were on our way. To put it simply, we had access to cars worth more than my parent's home, and we didn't even take them, that has to set us up for a streak of good karma, right?

When we finally got to California, we spent two days at Huntington beach, walking around the various shops, playing football and frisbee on the beach, and swimming. It was refreshing to finally be away from the snow and on a beach with 70-degree weather. We also got to stop by the Farmer's Market that they hold every week.

California Vacation -- couples on the beach
California vacation photography

We spent another two days at Newport beach, where we ate some great fish tacos at Baja Sharkeez, and I dragged three of the boys to the mall up the street to do a little shopping and surprise surprise, I bought something, and by something I mean I had to close my eyes when I swiped my card so I wasn't aware of how much I had just spent. We also saw whales and dolphins like no other over the course of the week. 

Summer photography ideas

We spent one day in Laguna at a beach called Thousand Steps Beach. This beach was beyond beautiful. Besides the steps to get down, which (thank god) weren't actually a thousand steps, it was amazing, and the sunset on the water topped off the day. There was a volleyball net there as well which was easily the highlight of my trip. It felt like a throwback to the 9th grade P.E. days, except I wasn't in sweaty gym clothes, and I was getting a tan while playing, and I wasn't being forced to do it for a grade. So it was better, so much better. 

Photography on the beach
Photography on the beach

One night, my boyfriend, Ty, and I slipped away from the rest of the group and met with my Grandparents at the SoHo House in Los Angeles, which has an amazing view. If you ever get the chance to visit, definitely don't miss out on it. It is a cute building with a bar and restaurant. The only downside is it is a private club, and you have to go with a member. It also had a photo booth, which I was very, very excited about, and we snapped a few pictures before leaving.

The last full day of the trip, we spent in Los Angeles, walking around The Grove, one of the best shopping destinations in Los Angeles, if you ask me. Laduree recently opened up a restaurant there, and macaroons were on my mind the entire day until we finally stopped to get some. There was also a pop up shop for Ray Bans and some youtube celebrities showed up for it. Had I not heard the younger kids screaming at these boys, I would have had no idea who they actually were. However, we did run into Nikyee Heaton, who was more than happy to snap a pic with us. We also walked down Fairfax and checked out the stores there, which resulted in a surprisingly dislike towards Supreme, a very talked up store, that in fact, was disappointing as literally everything that was made by Supreme was sold out. 

Nikyee Heaton in California
Laduree in Los Angeles. The best macaroons
Polaroid Wall

Although the drive was long, and the water a little cold, I would go back in a heartbeat, especially if it meant the housing was that cheap again. I was so lucky to have shared some great moments with some amazing people.

Spring Break, you will be missed, until next time.

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