How I Spent 3 Weeks in NYC

For the past three weeks, I have been exploring the streets of NYC and relaxing in the Hamptons. It was one last hoorah before heading back school to start my sophomore year of college. I went with my boyfriend, who unlike me, has never been to the city before, and it was a blast showing him around. 

I've also linked a few of my favorite outfits from my trip and you can find all the details below the picture

We were so lucky to get to see two amazing plays, The Book of Mormon (I'm from Utah it was a MUST), and Me the People. We saw Me the People on late Thursday night at The Triad and it was packed. This play was hilarious. I'm really not a musical person, or a play person for that matter, but this kept my attention the entire time. The play is about the recent political situations we have found Trump in, and I could not stop laughing. It is a must see, whether you're a democrat or republican. But be aware, this theatre requires you to order two drinks per person, and water is $7. The Book of Mormon had me laughing the entire time, and I would highly recommend to anyone, mormon or not! 

We ate at two of my favorite bakeries, Magnolia and Levain. Magnolia has some of the BEST red velvet cheesecake I have ever had, it's what dreams are made of, seriously. They also have amazing bread pudding, and some killer brownies! Levain is world famous for their cookies. They have a few different choices, but don't be fooled by the dark chocolate cookie, they are to die for! I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but I LOVE these cookies! The dark chocolate peanut butter is my favorite! Warm them up for 13 seconds (it's the perfect temp) and you're good to go! If you are wanting cookies late at night, Insomnia Cookies is open until 3am and they are amazing as well! The peanut butter cookie, and the double chocolate chunk were my personal favorites, but I've heard the mint chocolate is amazing as well! 

The city has two options for viewing the skyline, Top of the Rock, and The Empire State Building. Personally, I prefer Top of the Rock because I love that you can see the Empire State Building, and it has a 360 view. They are about the same price so it doesn't matter too much and will cost about $70 for two people. If you've never been to NYC this is a must! We went at sunset and it was crazy busy so I'd recommend going at another time. 

If you get the chance to head out to the Hamptons, try and see all of the little towns in it! They are all so different from each other. Sag Harbor is mostly a beach town, and used to be a whaler town. East Hampton has great shopping and if you can, make reservations for East Hampton Grill, they have bomb biscuits and ribs! South Hampton has great shopping as well, and lots of streets to walk. Bridge Hampton has amazing ice cream at Candy Kitchen, and is one street with a few little shops here and there. Montauk is an amazing little beach town, and has great beach shops and pretty views. The lighthouse there closes early, around 4pm, so get there before then if you want to walk around it! If you're looking for some crazy big houses and amazing architecture, everywhere in the Hamptons is a perfect place! 

NYC is full of museums but we only visited the MET. This one is by donation, so you do not have to pay the recommend $25 per person. If you really wanted to, you could pay $0.01 and get in. This museum is huge and full of some amazing pieces, so definitely cut out a few hours of your day for it! Don't forget to stop and sit on the steps (gossip girl anyone?)

To finish off this post (which I could make so much longer but i'll spare you) I'll leave you with some tips:

1. TAKE THE METRO! Seriously, it's $3 a person and you get there faster than walking or taking a taxi.
2. If you take a taxi, make sure he resets the meter WHEN you get in! 
3. If you buy a can soda from a street vendor, wipe it off! Those things are filthy.
4. If you're ordering delivery, check all sites as some are cheaper than others! Delivery and Seamless are two big ones so I'd check both! And sign up for their email list, we saved $7 on one order (that's like two slices of pizza!) 

I could go on forever about New York, I've been to NYC/Hamptons for nearly 18 years, and have gotten my fair share of the city so if you need any recommendations, I'm your girl!

With Love,